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Exit Intent Popup Examples to Skyrocket Conversions

Even the mentioning of popups may cause some people to shudder, annoying, misguiding, and ubiquitous. But are they always like that? Yes, sometimes they appear at awful timing.

For example, when you want to find something in a text quickly, the popup overlaps the content. You have to look for the “X” button to continue reading. And the chances are, you’ll close the tab, not just the popup notification.

However, popups aren’t only about that. They help various brands provide value to prospects, encourage them to subscribe to a newsletter, or prevent them from leaving. That’s where you should look into exit intent popups.

These helpers arrive at the last moment when visitors are about to leave. Customize them correctly, and you’ll reduce your bounce rate. What is a converting exit intent popup? Read this post to discover examples and tips to make your marketing offering hit the target.

When You Can Spot Exit Intent Popups

How does a website understand that a visitor is about to leave? It’s the technology tracking the mouse movements and scrolling patterns. If a visitor’s cursor leaves the frame of your website near the back button, an exit intent popup appears.

Concerning mobiles, when a visitor scrolls up faster than down, it may indicate the decision to bounce. So the system will trigger the popup to overlay the screen. A website can detect these patterns and display a last-minute advertisement using Javascript.

Why Do People Abandon a Website?

Reasons to return to previous page results vary heavily. It may be due to slow page loading, irrelevant content, poor UI/UX. That’s why the website will hardly retain customers with one popup without proper optimization. An exit intent is more like a backup that you’ve done everything possible to save your conversions.

If you’re an online store owner, stay on the curve of recent updates. For example, it applies to Magento stores with Magento 2 version being released and Magento 1 no longer supported. The outdated website will cost you more due to security issues, lack of support from developers, and a narrower choice of SEO functionalities.

So it may be better to ditch M1 and move to M2. While it’s a troublesome process (visit here to find a compilation of major migration challenges), it will pay off in the long run.

Statistics prove that the average conversion rate for a popup is 3.09%. However, you can increase these figures by up to 60% if you configure them right. For example, a more effective popup should appear after four seconds on the page.

5 Ways to Use Exit Intent Popup Examples to Retain Visitors

1. Subscribing to a Newsletter

If visitors aren’t ready to buy yet, use exit email popups. Collecting email addresses from qualified visitors is a discreet way to keep them hooked, send special deals, and return to the website.

However, avoid bombarding your subscribers with marketing messages. State in the popup that disclosing an email address will help them receive relevant stuff and lucrative offers.

Look at how Leesa aces this technique. A CTA is distinctive enough to magnetize attention. The company uses humor by stating, “Wait, don’t go! (unless you’re going to bed).” A brilliant move is a write-up below.

It indicates how a person will benefit from subscribing to a newsletter. But what if you’re uncomfortable with that? The text says it’s easy to stop receiving Leesa emails.

2. Offering a Discount

When visitors add something to their cart, another strategy comes into play. They’re closer to the end of the funnel, so you can’t divert their attention from completing the order. Even more, encourage them to become repeat shoppers in your store.

How can you do that? Establish a lasting relationship. One of the positive moments buyers may remember is a discount on their first order or free delivery.

The Curls popup does the same by offering 20% off the first order. This deal may become more powerful if it’s time-sensitive. A sense of urgency is an extra motivation to act immediately, especially with a countdown clock.

3. Receiving Feedback from Visitors

Use the exit intent popup not only to remind visitors about the things in their shopping cart. Ask for feedback on the reasons to leave the website without a purchase. If visitors have spent some time with you, they may provide helpful information about their experience.

This strategy is rewarding from various points of view. Buyers feel valued because you show interest in their thoughts, difficulties, and suggestions.

This experience will encourage consumers to come back even if they don’t make a purchase. You can also enhance your offers or website by addressing the issues they bring up. As a result, you’ll convert more audience in the future. Below is the screenshot of Panerai’s example of an exit intent popup.

4. Promoting Products and Services

Exit intent popups work effectively for advertising your services like a foot-in-the-door strategy. Suppose you want to promote your demo. The product demo helps you show the product value by presenting primary features. So if you interest the audience, you’ll get more sales.

Don’t want to sound pushy? Analyze how the Popupsmart team makes people smile or laugh in the screenshot below. The company utilizes emojis to appear more lighthearted.

It suggests scheduling a demo meeting to get acquainted with the service or trying it for free. Adopt this strategy to connect with your audience.

5. Sharing Educational Materials

Customer education is a subtle way to promote your brand. First of all, it helps build trust. Prospects will know how to use your product and won’t go to your competitors.

They’ll remember where they can get valuable information and turn to your brand whenever they need assistance. It’s a foundation for long-term relationships, loyalty, and sales. And as you know, loyal clients are eager to spread positive word of mouth and attract more customers to your business.

ActiveCampaign adopts the strategy and offers educational resources when you attempt to leave its blog. It’s a free guide with six email examples for your “welcome series”.

However, obtaining these materials will require your email address. The company generates a new lead and contact in the email list while establishing itself as a valued resource.

Final Thoughts

Driving traffic to the website combines various effortful steps. Creating authoritative content, optimizing website SEO to appear higher in search results, promoting the brand through ads and social media, the list is almost endless.  

But all these endeavors go in vain if visitors don’t convert and close the website. Leverage exit intent pops as the last chance before they click the “X” button.

How can exit intent technology help your business? A timely exit intent popup will save you from customer churn. You can use them to display unique offers such as discounts or free delivery to persuade customers to make a purchase, which is beneficial for eCommerce.

Exit intent popups are also widespread among SaaS companies and bloggers. They show such windows to develop email lists, promote materials, or stimulate subscribing to webinars. If you’ve worked on the website well and want to configure exit intent popups, you’re on the right track. The benefits of using them are:

  1. attracting email list subscribers;
  2. increasing conversion;
  3. minimizing cart abandonment;
  4. enhancing your offer (through feedback);
  5. boosting SEO with lower bounce rates and more time spent on a page.

Look at the examples above and choose your working strategy to skyrocket conversions.

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