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 Which Document Is Called Charter Of The Company?

If you want to know th answer to question which document is called as the charter of the company then we got the answer for you.

The answer is The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is the document that is known as the charter of the company. 

The other options articles of association, prospectus, and registration certificate are not the right answers. Keep reading and we will discuss all the 4 options in detail.

What Is Charter Of The Company?

The charter of the company is the document that outlines the purpose, values, and principles of the company. 

It is typically written by the founders of the company and approved by the board of directors. The charter can be amended over time as the company grows and changes.

What Is Memorandum Of Association?

A memorandum of association is a document that states the name, location, and purpose of a company. It also sets out the company’s relationships with its shareholders, directors, and officers. 

The memorandum of association is filed with the Registrar of Companies when a company is incorporated.

What Is Articles Of Association In A Company?

The articles of association (AOA) is a document that sets out the rules and regulations for a company’s internal management and organization. 

The AOA defines the company’s purpose, how it will be governed, and the rights and responsibilities of its members. It is filed with the Registrar of Companies and is a public document.

The articles of association are important because they set out the rules that govern a company’s internal affairs. 

What Is Prospectus In A Company?

A prospectus is a formal document that is issued by a company in order to raise capital. The prospectus outlines the company’s business plan and financial projections, and is used to sell shares of the company to investors.

What Is Registration Certificate In A Company?

The registration certificate is the official document that proves that your company is registered with the relevant authorities. It includes your company name, registration number and other important details. 

You will need to submit this certificate when you apply for business licenses and permits, open a bank account, or engage in any other official activity related to your business.


Hope you came to know which document is called charter of the company and details about other dicuments of the company as well.

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