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Mark Joseph Stern Twitter | Senior Writer at Slate

In this article, we are going to check out who is Mark Joseph Stern, about his Twitter profile, and what he does.

Mark Stern is originally from Florida but currently resides in Washington for work purpose. So who is Mark Joseph Stern? 

Currently Mark Stern is working as a senior writer at the Slate magazine based in Washington, DC.

Mark Joseph Stern Education and Career

Speaking of Joseph stern’s education, he has done his bachelor of arts in history from Georgetown University and later went on to do a Doctor of law in Juris Doctor.

Not sure what got mark stern into the writing field but he is doing exceptionally well in this field. And moreover, mark already had ground knowledge about laws and regulations it is easy for Mark to write articles covering those topics.

Mark stern has published some top-notch articles in some of the very well-known news publications such as the wall street journal, the week, etc.

Mark stern had started his career with Slate magazine and now it’s been more than 9 years he is still working for the slate magazine.

Mark started as a contributor for Slate magazine in the year 2012 and then got promoted to staff writer and now he is the senior writer for the magazine.

If you arent aware of what is slate then it’s a united states magazine that was established in the year 1996 and it talks about business, current affairs and more.

Other than being a writer, mark stern is also a part-time guest speaker and is regularly being invited to various universities especially law schools to give a talk.

Moreover mark stern also constantly appears on TV news and also you can listen to mark stern’s podcasts on apple podcast.

Now let’s have a glance at Mark Joseph Stern’s Twitter profile.

Mark Joseph Stern on Twitter

On Twitter Mark Joseph Stern is hyperactive and he regularly tweets on various issues may it be on trending, law-related or any other aspects and shares his opinion on the same.

Mark Joseph Stern has a verified Twitter account with 117,154 followers and the following 2,326 accounts as of May 2022. Mark stern joined Twitter in the year 2009 and since then he has been actively tweeting and to date, he has done 36,698 tweets.

His name on Twitter is Mark Joseph Stern and his username is mjs_DC. You can follow mark stern on Twitter as he tweets on various aspects and gives good insights that will educate you.


Mark Joseph Stern is high on knowledge when it comes to law and courts, LGBT, criminal justice, etc. So if you are into this then following Mark Stern on Twitter would interest you. 

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