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Ed Buck Net Worth (2022) | Where is He Now?

Ed Buck was an average American businessman and a former model as well. The full name of Ed Buck is Edward Bernard Peter Buck and he was born on 24th Aug 1954 and as of 2022, Mr. Ed Buck is 67 years old.

Edward Bernard Peter Buck is born and bought up in Steubenville, Ohio and he was residing in Arizona.

In this article, we shall look into what is Ed Buck net worth and how he became successful as a businessman.

Ed Buck Net Worth in 2022

Even though Ed Buck was born in Ohio he then quickly moved to Arizona where he had spent most of his teenage years.

Ed Buck has done his schooling as well as his college at Phoenix, Arizona. From being a teenager, Ed Buck was very much interested in modeling and so he started his career in fashion modeling and he was doing pretty good as well.

Ed Buck started his modeling career in Europe where he was invited to participate in several TV commercials and out of this Buck had made a good amount of money.

Later Buck left fashion modeling and joined one of his friend’s company but it soon went bankrupt, But Ed Buck had different plans as he bought his friend’s company for $250K and then rebranded it.

And to his luck and hard work, the company went on to make a profit and after 5 years of serving in the company he then sold the company which ultimately made him a millionaire.

According to 2022 estimates, Ed Buck had an estimated net worth of $15M but even after having such good wealth what made him get behind the bars for 30 years?

Ed Buck Case

Notably, Ed Buck wasn’t a straight man as he was a pure gay. So he dont have any wife or kids because he isnt married.

As Ed Buck is gay he was definitely attracted towards men but Ed Buck was out of control when it comes to having sexual relationships.

Ed Buck used to invite gays to his apartment and inject them with highly addictive crystal drugs and overdose the men. 

He used to do this every time and several people died in his apartment because of the overdose given by Ed Buck. Moreover, Ed Buck even maintained a drug house and distributed it and he was charged for this as well.

Considering all of Ed Buck’s criminal offenses in April 2022 he was sentenced to 30 years in jail.

You must read this article from wehoville where they have explained all the details that you might want to know about Ed Buck!

Bottom Line!

What we can learn from Ed Buck is that you can be a millionaire but you can also act stupid at the same time.

Ed Buck was an average businessman and a good model too but some things that he had done in the past resulted in 30 years in jail for the 67-year-old Ed Buck! Hope from this article you came to know about Ed Buck net worth and his criminal activities.

FAQs on Ed Buck

How much is Ed Buck net worth?

Ed Buck net worth was worth more than $15M

How old is Ed Buck?

Ed Buck is 67 years old

What happened to Ed Buck?

Ed Buck was convicted of criminal charges that resulted in 30 years of jail time.

Where is Ed Buck now?

Ed Buck is currently serving jail time and according to the federal charges, Ed Buck will be left free only after 30 years.

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