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Bigcartel Login (2022) How To Create Bigcartel Account?

Bigcartel which was founded in 2005 has been providing great solutions for setting up their online store and sell the things that they love doing.

If you are selling just 5 products then Bigcartel is absolutely free to use. It also has 2 paid plans which is also very much affordable.

Sell anything online you want with the help of this cloud-based eCommerce platform. 

For anyone starting with limited products, Bigcartel can be a great platform to set up their online store for absolutely free.

I would say, Bigcartel can be the perfect eCommerce solution for you if you are selling individual or limited products.

Again, it really depends on your business niche and analyzing if it suits your business or not.

So now we have learned a bit about Bigcartel, lets check out the Bigcartel login process by creating an account.

How to Create Bigcartel Account?

First of all, go to the official website of Bigcartel i.e

So now to create a free Bigcartel account, click on the signup button on the homepage of Bigcartel.

Bigcartel offers 3 plans out of which one is totally free. Just choose the first option and click on sign up free.

Bigcartel Login

Now Bigcartel will ask you to enter 4 things i.e

Email Address


Shop name and

Shop URL

That is it. Bigcartel will now take you to your dashboard where you can:

Add products

Set up shipping

Connect payment methods

Design your shop and then finally launch it

That was easy creating a Bigcartel account, wasn’t it? 

Bigcartel Login process

Now let’s see how we can login to Bigcartel after creating the account.

The first is the same by visiting the Bigcartel website. Then click on login at the top right corner as shown below.

Now enter your Bigcartel shop URL which you used during the sign up process, enter your password as well, and then hit Login.

And that’s how you login to Bigcartel and after login you’ll be taken to your account dashboard.

Forgot Bigcartel Login Credentials?

When you have multiple accounts on different platforms you might sometimes forget your Bigcartel login password. So how to recover it. Simple, let’s see how.

When you click on login for the Bigcartel, you’ll see an option called “forgot?” in the password box section as shown below.

Once you click on it, Bigcartel will ask you to either enter your associated email id or phone number to send you a password reset link.

Enter your big cart email id and hit continue. 

You must receive a mail like below from Bigcartel. Click on the reset your password button to reset your Bigcartel login password.

Just enter your new Bigcartel password and hit submit.

Now you’ll be able to login to Bigcartel with your new updated password. 

Some good features of Bigcartel

Simple and straightforward to use

It’s quite inexpensive, and there’s a plan that’s free for life.

Templates that look great and are free to use

The ability to customize the site’s code  

Bigcartel offers an iOS and Android app for managing your business on the move.

Bigcartel also has an API that allows you to combine it with other apps.

The paid version of Bigcartel is also pretty affordable to use


BigCartel can be a fantastic choice for your small business. It’s less expensive than Shopify and provides many ways to set up a business with only a few clicks, and allows you to provide multiple options for the same item.

The customers who have used Bigcartel have given good reviews as well. Bigcartel is mostly suitable for small businesses. Their forever free will let you understand if Bigcartel is the one for your business or not.

I hope this article has helped you with Bigcartel login process and why you can use Bigcartel.

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