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Why Is My Ecommerce Site Not Selling?

It’s not easy with eCommerce, isn’t it? Yes, we get it; when the competition is plenty making money from your eCommerce business can be like dream come true!

There might be several reasons why your eCommerce site isn’t making a penny and you would not be even aware of it.

You might be having a great product but got to put that in front of your customers so that they could see it. 

Yes, it’s not easy with the competition but there is competition in every field. You just need to figure out a way to outrank your competitors.

Anyways, here we have listed some top reason why your eCommerce site isn’t selling and fail to make any money.

Why Is My Ecommerce Site Not Selling

Bad SEO & No Content Strategy

Yes, you might have heard this thing said by people over and over again. But that is the fact, SEO is important. You just cannot ignore SEO!

SEO must be your number one priority. Understand your target audience and create a content plan for your customer journey. Make sure to follow some best eCommerce SEO strategies.

You need to write detailed articles about your products and optimize it for SEO. trust me, these blog articles will bring you a lot of leads! 

Content marketing will definitely lead you to get more sales. Just check how Shopify or bigcommerce blog articles and how they craft their articles and plan accordingly for the products you are offering.

Non-appealing Product Images

The things which look visually highly appealing will attract more people. And that’s the fact. Nobody would want to buy a crappy-looking item. 

And uploading low-quality images can be the biggest mistake you can do while you are in an eCommerce business.

Take it from me, quality images will build trust with your potential customers. 

No Video Describing Your Product

Videos aren’t necessary but highly recommended. If you can make a video of the product that you are offering and explain things like how it works and its features then it will have a high impact on your customers.

Ask yourself, whenever you did shopping on Amazon how often you were pleased by watching the product explainer video for the item that you are going to buy?

Always put yourself in customers’ shoes so that you get a better understanding of how to market your products.

Non-responsive Website?

It’s a smartphone generation world and if your website isn’t well optimized for mobile and there is no way you can make money from your eCommerce store.

Check this article from business insider where they have how mobile eCommerce shopping will grow in the future times.

M-commerce is becoming more and more popular so its high time that you put your money and energy into it.

Here are some tips to make your eCommerce site responsive:

  • Opt for a responsive web design.
  • Compress the size of your image files.
  • Optimize your site to load faster.
  • Make your buttons larger.
  • Add secondary navigation options.
  • Get rid of your sidebar.
  • Avoid using popups.

Limited Payment Options

Ask yourself, how many times you have ignored to purchase online just because you weren’t satisfied with their eCommerce payment options provided by that store? I’m pretty sure you would have done it at least once.

So the same thing applies to your customers as well. Having very few payment options will only fill your shopping carts but no sales!

You must suit the payment options according to your target audience. 

If your e-commerce business is global, you must ensure that you have the major payment options for each country so that you won’t miss out on any customers!

If you are a local business, you must provide as many payment options as possible. Because some users might use only one online payment method.

After-sales Delight

Customers visit your website, they purchase and you feel happy. But if think that’s the end of your journey with that customer then you have no idea how to delight your customers.

After-sales service is of utmost importance because these customers can become your lifetime customers. Do you want to miss out on them?

Acquiring a new customer will cost you way more than building a better relationship with your existing customers. 

These loyal customers themselves will promote your business through word of mouth and if they do that leads coming from them will be almost certain that they are going to make business with you. 

Word of mouth is like an online review, it will make or break your eCommerce brand.

Final Thoughts

Even small changes to your eCommerce store can make a huge difference to the way your business will operate. 

As the competition is huge, you just cannot ignore even the smallest details even if you feel like that doesn’t need to be implemented.

Hope you came to know why your e-commerce website is not making sales.

A quick look at the points discussed to improvise your eCommerce selling:

Bad SEO & No Content Strategy

Non-appealing product images

No Video Describing your product

Non-responsive Website?

Limited Payment Options

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