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5 eCommerce SEO Strategies For Your Online Store

If you are new to the eCommerce business or if you are already running an eCommerce business for a long time then you must be aware of the fact that it takes a massive amount of hard work to attract customers to your online store.

As the eCommerce business is a very competitive industry it becomes really hard to rank your website in Google’s search engine results page which makes running your eCommerce store even more intense.

Any eCommerce store will use a variety of tactics to build awareness and to promote their products, including paid advertising, social media, and so on. It will drain a large portion of your budget, but still, the outcome won’t be good as you would expect.

But to be very honest, nothing really works better than SEO in the long run. In comparison to all the other promotional methods, SEO is the best method to go after.

Also, you should know these surprising statistics: “Around 70-80% of internet users just ignore the paid ads and focus on organic search results. 

And also only around 20% of people will look into the second page of google results.

So for this reason, implementing an effective eCommerce SEO strategy is highly important, and check the below tactics to get desired results.

eCommerce SEO Strategies For Your Online Store

In-depth product descriptions

This is highly important. Describe the products which are present on your eCommerce store with accurate and in-depth information.

Your eCommerce conversion rates will transform to a new level with quality product descriptions.

FYI, 88% of customers make their purchase decisions based on product content. 

Make sure the information provided on your product or service is more useful to your consumers and also to search engines. Make sure the measurements, estimates, prices, and other essential things are easy to track.

Check the photos or other graphics shown are matching to the actual product.

Get rid of duplicate content

Not to mention, duplicate content is a major turnoff for both for google crawlers and consumers. 

It’s a good thing to give good and in-depth information about your product but in the process of doing so don’t make the content duplicate.

You can check this article for fixing duplicate content for eCommerce websites.

Clear, interesting, and simple product descriptions appeal to readers. Concentrate on 3-5 descriptive sentences that summarize your product.

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Website speed

Website speed is one such factor that will make or break your eCommerce business. It is highly recommended that you try to improve your website speed as much as possible. 

Not just the home page. You must also concentrate on improving individual products as well. 

Because users won’t usually visit your home page. It is the product that they will visit after searching for a particular product of Google. So make sure you work on this.

Don’t Write for Bots

Even though your intention is to rank better in search engines you shouldn’t forget how that will affect your users. 

So always concentrate on writing content for humans rather than to the bots. Don’t stuff your content with keywords so that you can rank better. 

No, it won’t work. In the long run, you’ll be caught by search engines and it might even harm your eCommerce website.

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Customer Reviews

Customers’ reviews can never be ignored when it comes to an eCommerce business. They are the backbone of your long-term success. 

Satisfied customer reviews are everything. Almost 70% of users trust online customer reviews.

Customers’ reviews will help a lot in bettering your SEO performance. 

Final Thoughts

Paid ads will work for some time but SEO will work for a lifetime. So invest more time on your SEO eCommerce strategies rather than just focusing on ads and social media promotion.

A quick look into the SEO tips that you must focus on for your eCommerce store:

  • In-depth product descriptions
  • Get rid of duplicate content
  • Website speed
  • Don’t Write for Bots
  • Customer Reviews

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