Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Can Your Ecommerce Store Make More Money With Less Traffic?

Competition is way too high in each field whether it’s offline and online and there is a business in every niche you search for. 

So without a doubt, it is very difficult to drive traffic to your website. And moreover, the cost to buy the best keywords is getting expensive day by day.

Ecommerce business owners usually have a feeling that they need to get more traffic to their website for getting more sales. 

Yes, it is true that you need traffic because the more people visit your store, the more will be sales. But more traffic entirely doesn’t mean that there will be an increase in the percentage of sales.

By driving traffic to your website to make money shouldn’t be your sole purpose as there can be other ways to get more sales to your business. That doesn’t mean, you must stop working on driving more traffic!

If you ask any conversion rate optimization specialist they will say, to get more revenue you need to get more conversions. You can make more conversions with the traffic that is already coming or the traffic that you already have.

How To Make More Money With Less Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

Better Landing Pages

Yes, having a better-designed landing page will build trust with your potential buyers. Think for yourself, suppose if you land on any amateur landing page will you going to make a purchase. I am sure, you won’t. 

So think from the consumer’s point of view. Your landing page must look highly professional and trustworthy. 

You must make sure that your sales copy is crisp, simple, and sweet and keep to the point without going over the board.

Make sure your call to action buttons are either sticky or visible throughout the landing page so that it temps the buyer to make a purchase.

List building

Make sure you are collecting the emails of the people who are visiting your website. It is very crucial for any eCommerce business. Even if the people don’t make a purchase at the first attempt, you must make sure you get their emails somehow. 

But once when you have their email address, you must segment them and target accordingly. Make sure to blast the emails during cyber Mondays, holiday sales, or black Friday!

Strategy of upselling

This is a great way to make more money with your eCommerce store. Upselling will add revenue to your business with very little effort. 

Suppose if someone is in a buying mode, then he would definitely want to get a better one if you offer them with a better choice. 

So when customers are in the checkout page, make sure to bundle the other products. You can offer some discounts and trigger their emotions to make a higher purchase.

Wake them from abandoned carts

Most people will add many products to the cart and then they either tempt to forget about it or they might be being lazy to make a purchase. 

So it is your duty to send them an email and lighten them up with the product they have added to their cart. You can also give some discounts so that they make the purchase as soon as possible which will increase your conversion rates of abandoned carts


These are some of the working methods to make more money with your eCommerce tore even though you are getting only less traffic to your website. You must utilize the best you can with the resources that you already have.

A quick look at the main points discussed on making more money with less traffic to your eCommerce store:

  • Having better landing pages
  • Email list building
  • Always keep upselling in mind
  • Get rid of abandoned carts

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