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EasyCart Login | WordPress EasyCart eCommerce Plugin

If you are running an eCommerce business then a WordPress shopping cart plugin known as WP EasyCart is something that you might want to check out.

EasyCart plugin for WordPress was created in the year 2012 and is being trusted and used by eCommerce business owners worldwide.

Many would prefer Shopify for their online store but if you are having a WordPress account then the WP EasyCart shopping cart plugin will make things much simpler.

Now that you know what the WP EasyCart plugin is, let’s check out how to create an account and login to EasyCart.

EasyCart Login Process

First of all, go to the official website of EasyCart which is WP, and on the homepage, you’ll see an option known as My EasyCart account. Click on it.

A new page will open where you’ll be asked whether you are a returning customer or a new user.  If you haven’t created an EasyCart account before click on create account to start the account creation process.

Now, EasyCart will ask you to fill out a few things so that you can create a free EasyCart account in no time.

Once you fill out all the details like email id and password, click on the register button shown at the bottom.

Once you did that your account on EasyCart will be created successfully. Now that you have signed up for WP EasyCart let’s check out how to login to EasyCart.

EasyCart Login

Go to the homepage of EasyCart and then click my EasyCart account (Just like we did during the EasyCart signup process)

Now in the returning customer section, input the email id and password that you used for EasyCart during account creation.

That’s it. You have successfully logged into your EasyCart account. Now, what if you forgot your EasyCart login password? So let’s check out how to reset your password.

Forgot EasyCart Login Password?

So in case if you forgot your EasyCart login password then here is the simple process to reset your password with a newer one.

In the returning customer section, click on forgot password button as shown in the image below.

A new page will open where you should enter your EasyCart email id that you used during signup and then hit the retrieve password button.

Now you should receive an email from EasyCart just like shown below where they will give you a new password to login. Copy that password and then try to login.

Note: Make sure you change that EasyCart password to something else or you might end up forgetting again!

That’s it, You have easily reset your EasyCart login password.

You can use WP EasyCart for free if you are a WordPress user. You just have to go to plugins in WordPress and add a new plugin named WP EasyCart but it comes with very limited features. 

So if you need better functionality and features then you have to choose the WP EasyCart pro version which has 2 yearly pricing plans of $69 and $99.

The Bottom Line!

EasyCart can be a good WordPress plugin for your eCommerce plugin for anyone with an eCommerce business and their pro plans are also very much affordable.

Hope you came to know how to login to EasyCart and what the EasyCart wp plugin is all about!

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