Joseph Dimenna Net Worth | Zweig Dimenna Associates

Joseph Dimenna in short known as Joe D is the owner and the founding partner of the company named Zweig-DiMenna Associates.

Joseph Dimenna is from the united states, aged 63 and his full name is Joseph A. DiMenna. Joseph Dimenna is a skilled guy in Hedge funds with years of experience. 

In this article, we shall check out Joseph Dimenna and about his business.

Joseph Dimenna Net Worth

Before getting into the funding business, Joseph Dimenna has gained good knowledge in finance as he has completed a BS in Finance from Fairfield University and also studied finance at new york university.

Ever since a teen, Joseph Dimenna was very much involved in stock markets and finance.

Joseph Dimenna founded Zweig-DiMenna Associates way back in 180 and he is still working for it even in 2022. Its been more than 42 years of Zweig-DiMenna Associates’ establishment and it is said to be one of the oldest hedge funds.

In the year 2007, a magazine called Institutional Investor magazine has named Joseph DiMenna’s Zweig-DiMenna as the Hedge Fund of the Year.

Joseph DiMenna has done a lot of entrepreneurial stuff in his life and for that, he was even awarded entrepreneur of the year (2002) from Teaching Entrepreneurship.

According to a few resources, Joseph DiMenna’s net worth can be anywhere between $1.5M to $3M.

Joseph DiMenna has been married to Diana DiMenna and they have 2 lovely daughters as well.  Joseph DiMenna and Diana DiMenna both are art lovers and they have even donated $5M to the New-York Historical Society.

Apart from running a business, Joseph DiMenna is also a very good polo player and has participated in several chess championships as well.

We haven’t found any official social media profiles of Joseph DiMenna and if come to know any updated news of Joseph DiMenna then we shall update it here.

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