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Liz Young Net Worth (2022) | Head of Investment Strategy at Sofi

Liz Young who comes from a financial background is the Head of Investment Strategy at a company named Sofi. Sofi is an investment company which is located in San Fransico.

This young investment strategist is from the New York City of the United States. Let’s check out more about Liz Young net worth and what she does.

Liz Young Net Worth (2022)

Liz Young’s qualification is brilliant as she has done MBA from Marquette University and also BBA in finance and marketing from the University of Wisconsin.

Liz Young had a very good education in finance so she decided to move her career in the financial industry.

At present Liz Young is working as the Head of investment strategy at Sofi but before that, she had worked in several other well-known companies.

Liz had worked as a contributor for CNBC for 1 year and also has been the director of marketing strategy for an investment company named BNY Mellon.

Liz Young is also the author of Sofi’s blog for the investment strategy category. You can check Liz Young’s blogs on the Sofi website.

Sofi is a young company, but it has already made a big impact in the world of finance. Sofi offers a new approach to investment, one that is geared towards the modern world.

Liz Young has worked hard to make Sofi a success, and she is passionate about helping people to invest in a way that works for them.

Speaking of Liz Young’s net worth it can be way more than $1M but not sure of the exact numbers as any top resources like Forbes haven’t said anything much about her net worth.

Liz Young has her social media presence on Twitter and Instagram if you want to follow her. On Twitter, Liz Young has 42K followers and is actively tweeting every now and then on different aspects, especially about finance and investing.

Liz Young’s username on Twitter is LizYoungStrat and if you want to follow her on insta then her username same as on Twitter which is lizyoungstrat

Conclusion Part

Liz Young is a very successful investment strategist and has a lot of experience in the financial industry. That’s all we have now about Liz Young and if she gets popular on any other matter in the future then we shall update it here on this very blog article.

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