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SoundCloud Login | How To Create A Soundcloud Account

Just like Spotify, SoundCloud is also one of the world’s most famous music distribution platforms. And yes, SoundCloud is 100% free to use.

Soundcloud, which was founded in 2007 has more than 265M music tracks as of March 2021.

Anyone can signup for SoundCloud free of cost and listen to any kind of music that is available on Soundcloud.

Soundcloud can be a great platform for music lovers. Even though SoundCloud is free to use it has some limitations with the free version. 

Limitations include lower audio quality, ads will show up on after every 2 or 3 songs, no option for listening to the SoundCloud music offline.

If you hate these Soundcloud limitations then you get the paid version with no disturbances while listening to your favorite music!

Now let’s jump into how to create a free SoundCloud account and login to SoundCloud.

How To Create A Soundcloud Account

To create a SoundCloud account first of all you need to visit the official website of SoundCloud i.e

Once you are there, click on “sign up for free” or “create an account” button as shown in the image below:

Now SoundCloud will give you 4 options to choose for the signup process as shown below:

You can go with your preferred option. For this, we will put our email address and then hit continue.

Now you have to choose a SoundCloud password then click on accept and continue.

After that, SoundCloud will ask you to enter your age and gender. Once you have entered it hit on continue.

Now SoundCloud will ask you to enter your display name. Once you have entered it click on get started. 

That is it, you have successfully created your SoundCloud account and your Soundcloud account on the desktop will look like the image shown below.

Soundcloud login 

Now that we have created a SoundCloud account let’s check out how to login to SoundCloud.

So in order to login to SoundCloud first you have to visit the official site of SoundCloud just like we did during the SoundCloud signup process.

Click on the sign in button on the homepage of the SoundCloud website to login to your SoundCloud account.

Now enter the email id which you used during the sign up and hit continue.

After that enter your SoundCloud password in order to login to your account and then hit sign in.

That’s it. Now you have successfully logged in to your SoundCloud account and it’s time to enjoy your fav songs on the go.

Forgot Soundcloud Login Credentials?

Sometimes you might forget your SoundCloud password. It might be because you weren’t using SoundCloud too often or you just tend to forget the passwords. So how can you recover your SoundCloud login password?

It’s simple. Just follow the below steps.

When you are on the login page of SoundCloud you’ll see an option as “Don’t know your password?” below the sign in button. You need to click on it.

Now enter your SoundCloud email id to request a link to reset your password which will be sent to your given email id.

Now you must receive a mail from SoundCloud just like shown below where you need to click on the click here link in order to change your password.

When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a new page by SoundCloud where you’ll be given a new SoundCloud login password. Once you have set the new SoundCloud password and click on save.

That all. Now you will be able to login to SoundCloud with your newly set password. Follow the same process if you forgot the password all over again.

SoundCloud is an amazing platform for both listeners and artists.


When it comes to music streaming services, Spotify and SoundCloud are 2 giants in the industry. Soundcloud and Spotify both are good and unique in their own way. 

I really enjoyed using both the services and it depends on your personal preferences. Hope this article helped you with the SoundCloud login process.


Are Soundcloud Songs Copyrighted?

Not every song on soundcloud is copyrighted so make sure you check the details carefully.

Can Soundcloud Download Songs?

Yes, Soundcloud allows you to download the songs.

How Soundcloud Makes Money?

Soundcloud mainly makes money from ads and premium subscriptions but it also sometimes makes money from even ticket sales as well.

Where was SoundCloud founded?

Soundcloud was founded at the capital of Swedan i.e Stockholm.

Which Is Better Soundcloud Or Spotify?

Well, you cant really judge soundcloud with spotify as both has unique features and artists. Some might like soundcloud and some might not but honestly spotify is the fan favorite.

Is Soundcloud Free?

Yes, soundcloud is totally free and the best part is one doesnt even need an account for listening songs via soundcloud.

Is Soundcloud Safe?

Yes, soundcloud is a safe platform to listen to your favorite songs as billions of people have already used soundcloud.

Who Founded Soundcloud?

Soundcloud was founded by 2 gentlemen named Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss.

Who Is The Ceo Of Soundcloud?

Michael Weissman is the current CEO of soundcloud as of 2022 and before him Kerry Trainor held the position as soundcloud CEO.

Where Is Soundcloud Headquarters?

Soundcloud’s headquarters are located in the capital city of Germany which is Berlin.

When Was Soundcloud Founded?

Soundcloud was founded in the year Aug, 2007.

Is There A Soundcloud App?

Good news for Android & iPhone users as soundcloud app is available on both playstore and app store.

What Is The Net Worth Of Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is valued at $800M as of 2022 estimates.

Is Soundcloud A Publicly Traded Company?

Soundcloud isnt gone public yet and it still remains as a privately held company.

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