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Getfvid (2022) | Getfvid Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Video Downloader

A few years back YouTube was the big source when it came to consuming videos online. But that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays you can watch videos on most of the social media sites.

And talking about social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the giants in this segment.

Millions of people use these 3 social media platforms every single day all around the globe.

You can find different kinds of media on these sites. And out of those, the most entertaining one is the videos.

Videos give more entertainment than any other kind of media. And as you already know, videos from different categories can be found on these sites may it be entertainment, education, or anything in between.

And no doubt that people love enjoying watching videos on these sites. Billions of video views take place every single day on these sites.

With so many good videos found on these sites, users would usually love to download these videos from that platforms and store it on their laptop or mobile.

Users download videos for various reasons such as to forward those videos on WhatsApp to their friends or family, or maybe they found a great dance tutorial on Facebook and want to learn it, and watching it in the loop will help them to learn quicker. 

So you see there can be several reasons why people wish to download videos from social media platforms.

But as you already know you cannot directly download those videos from these sites. And that’s when tools such as Getfvid will come in good handy.

In this article, we shall look into what is Getfvid, how to use Getfvid, and many more aspects related to Getfvid.

What Is Getfvid?

So what is Getfvid? Getfvid is one of the most popular tools out there which is used to download Facebook videos but can also be used to download Twitter and Instagram videos.

Getfvid tool is a similar tool to FBDown. Getfvid is absolutely free to use and downloading videos from giant social media sites has never been easier!

There is no direct or indirect cost involved for you to download videos from Getfvid. Also, no sign-ups are required, with just a few clicks you can download videos from these 3 sites.

So with that, let’s move on to how to use Getfvid to download videos from FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep reading!

How To Use Getfvid To Download Facebook Videos?

Let’s check out the step-by-step process to download FB videos with Getfvid.

Step one: Go to Facebook 

First, you need to go to Facebook and find the video that you wish to download. For example, let’s say you want to download this video from 5 minutes crafts teens. 

You need to click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of that video and then click on the copy link option as shown in the below image.

getfvid facebook video downloader

Step two: Go to Getfvid

Now visit Getfvid and paste the URL that you just copied in the “enter Facebook video URL” bar and then click on download.

getfvid com facebook video downloader

Step Three: Download The Video

Now you’ll be taken to a different page on Getfvid where you’ll see 2 options to download the video.

Option One: Download The Video Or Audio To Your Pc Or Laptop

So if you are browsing on the laptop you will get 3 ways to download the video i.e

Download in HD quality

Download in normal quality

Audio only

facebook video downloader getfvid

If you click on any of the download options you’ll be taken to a new tab to download the video as shown in the below image.

download video facebook getfvid

Now you have to click on those 3 dots and you’ll see the option to download. Just click on download and your FB video will start downloading right away!

This is one way of downloading the video to store it on your laptop. But there is another way.

Option Two: Scan The QR Code To Download The Video To Your Smartphone

This is great because if you are browsing on a laptop and wish to save the video to your mobile. 

For this to work, you need to have a QR scanner app installed on your mobile. There are lots of QR scanner apps available on playstore 

Once you have installed the QR scanner app, you just have to scan the QR code on your mobile as shown in the image below.

getfvid facebook video

It will take you to a new tab on your mobile browser where you can download the video.

So that is it. You have now successfully downloaded the Facebook videos with Getfvid using both options!

How To Use Getfvid To Download Private Facebook Videos

The good news is that with Getfvid you can even download Facebook videos that are private. There are few steps you need to go through in order to the private FB videos.

First, you need to find the Getfvid private video downloader. To do that go to the home page of Getfvid and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

And in the footer section, you’ll find the “More” option. Click on it and expand it. You’ll find the “private downloader” option. Tap on it and you’ll be directed to a new page.

getfvid facebook private video downloader

Now, let’s say you want to download a FB video that is private. First, open the page of that video and then press “control + U” which will open the source code of that page, and then copy the entire source code as shown below.

getfvid private

Once you have copied the code, go back to Getfvid private video downloader and paste the entire copied source code in the box as shown below:

getfvid facebook private

After that, click on download. A new page will load where you’ll be able to download the video right away or scan and download the video onto your mobile.

getfvid download

So this is the process by which you will be able to download the private Facebook videos using Getfvid.

How To Download Twitter Videos Using Getfvid

So the above method was to download FB videos but how to download Twitter videos or gifs with Getfvid. Let’s check out the steps.

In Getfvid you can find the Twitter downloader at the bottom of the page as shown below:

getfvid twitter

Step one: Go to Twitter

First, go to Twitter and find a Twitter video or GIF that you wish to download. 

For example, let’s say you want to download the below video. To do that, first click on the Share button as shown below.

getfvid twitter downloader

Step 2: Copy The Video Link

Now when you click on the share button, you’ll find 4 options. Out of those click on “copy link to tweet” and your Twitter video link will be copied to your clipboard.

twitter getfvid

Step 3: Go to Getfvid Twitter

Now go to Getfvid Twitter and paste the Twitter video link that you just copied in the “enter Twitter video URL” bar and hit download.

Step 4: Download the Twitter Video

Now same as Getfvid Facebook, you’ll find  2 options to download the video. You can download the Twitter video directly to your laptop or you can scan the QR code to download it on your smartphone.


With that, you have successfully downloaded Twitter video or GIF using Getfvid.

How To Download Instagram Photos And Videos With Getfvid Instagram

Downloading Instagram photos or videos using Getfvid also follows a similar process as we saw for Facebook and Twitter.

So I’m not going to talk about the detailed steps for doing so because it is pretty much the same way.

You can go to Getfvid Instagram to download the Instagram videos and photos.

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How To Install Getfvid Chrome Extension

With Getfvid you can even simplify the process of downloading videos from Facebook. To install Getfvid follow the following steps:

You need to install a chrome extension known as a social video downloader. The Getfvid extension will be as shown in the below image and click on add it to chrome.

getfvid chrome extension

Once you install that extension, you can see the download option on Facebook videos right on the top right corner of the video as shown in the below image.

getfvid extension

Once you click on the download option you’ll see 2 options ie. HD and SD. And when you click on any of those you’ll be taken to Getfvid website where you can download the video.

getfvid facebook video downloader chrome extension

Getfvid chrome extension is quite useful and will save you a little bit of time.

How To Install Getfvid Firefox Extension

Getfvid firefox installation also follows the same procedure as Getfvid chrome extension. You need to be browsing on the firefox browser in order to use the Getfvid extension for firefox. If you are reading this article from Firefox then you can check here to install the Firefox extension.

Features Of Getfvid

Qr Scan Option

This is an awesome feature. Not every video downloader provides this feature. You can scan the QR code of the video on mobile and in just 2 clicks you can save the video on your smartphone!

Useful Chrome Extension

Getfvid offers extensions for both chrome and firefox and makes the process simple for Getfvid users while downloading the videos.

Download From 3 Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most engaged social media platforms in the world and you can download videos right away from all these platforms with just a few clicks.

Download Private And Live Videos

This is a great feature too. Download any private videos on FB with source code and also download the live videos right after the streaming is over!

Completely Free

Everyone loves free services and Getfvid is completely free and it charges you nothing to use its service.

Is Getfvid Safe?

According to Getfvid, their services are no way associated with Facebook nor with Twitter or Instagram. 

Getfvid doesn’t keep any copies of the videos you download nor do they keep track of the history. Getfvid is completely anonymous and don’t have to worry about your data being leaked.

Also, like many other video downloaders even with Getfvid there arent any kind of registrations or signups. So you don’t have to worry on providing your personal data.

Also, there aren’t any dangerous-looking ads on the site which would take you to harmful sites when you click. So ads are safe too. So basically Getfvid is safe to use.

Getfvid App

Mobile apps are very useful and Getfvid has just done that. As mobile users are rising day by day it’s important to provide app services that will be helpful for users.

You can download Getfvid app from the playstore and use it on your smartphone. 

How Does Getfvid Make Money?

So when Getfvid is offering so many services for free how do Getfvid even make money? If there weren’t ad networks in the internet world, probably most of the businesses would have already shut down.

Yes that’s what I’m talking about, Getfvid is making money by placing ads on their platform. Mainly you can see ads from google on their platform.

On Getfvid you can basically see ads being placed on every page of their site. Below are few samples of how it looks like:

How Does Getfvid Make Money?

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Getfvid ads

Final Thoughts

Without a second thought, Getfvid is an all one tool for social media users to download their favorite videos and store it on their mobile or laptop.

I myself use Getfvid and it comes in handy (especially the chrome extension) when I come across certain videos that I want to download.

Hope from this article, you came to know how to use Getfvid for downloading videos from social media giants!

Quick FAQ’s

What is Getfvid?

Getfvid is a tool that is used to download FB, Instagram, and Twitter videos.

Is it simple to use Getfvid?

Yes with just a few clicks you’ll have your favorite video downloaded

Does chrome extension work for Twitter and Instagram?

Chrome extension works only for Facebook videos

Is Getfvid safe?

As discussed in the article, Getfvid is safe!

Is there a mobile app for Getfvid?

Yes you can make use of Getfvid mobile app

Can I download FB live and private videos?

Yes, you can do that as well.

Will Getfvid store the videos you download?

No using Getfvid is completely anonymous 

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