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5 Best Ways To Make E-commerce Product Videos For Your Online Business

How often do you post product videos on your site? If you’re under-utilizing videos, your ecommerce business is losing a lot. Placing a video on your landing site increases the conversion rate by 80%. Besides, you will also build brand authenticity through videos, which boosts your overall sales.

A survey done on 30000 thousand buyers across the world show that about 51% of the customers agree that failure to touch, feel or try their brands is a big drawback of shopping online.

So, you can use videos to bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping since they reduce uncertainty. A product video helps you show off your brand features and how it works. That way, many buyers trust your business and products.

When doing online business, the rate of return is something you would always want to keep down. That’s why you need to post a product demo video to help your buyers see your brand for what it is. With that, you will make money as you minimize the rate of returns.

Making product videos isn’t a big deal. You will only need to capture the best footage about your brand and work on it using an online video editor to match your brand with the video. Read through and get the best ideas to create product videos for your business.

Effective Ways to make Ecommerce Product Videos

Plan Your Video

A plan gets you in the right direction as you create marketing videos. What kind of product videos do you want to make? Do you intend to provide social proof for your products? You can create testimonial videos. But you may also go for explainer or demo product videos.

While planning, ensure you can get the right resources. From there, you can decide the style of your video. For a physical product, use like-action. On the other hand, you may choose animated style if you have great design skills. Animated video can help to market intangible products like software.

Another good product-style video is a screencast. Here, you record your computer screen with narration as voice-over or text overlay. Whichever video style you choose, it will help your online buyers engage with your products and make the best choice. However, your videos should provide valuable info about your brand.

When planning your product video, focus on the product’s key features and how the brand benefits buyers. You should also provide your customers with full views and close-ups of your product. Also, don’t forget to demonstrate how your product works.

Develop a Script and Video Storyboard.

Having a clear idea of what to film before you stand is vital. And that’s only possible if you can create a video script and storyboard. Ensure to keep your script less salesy. Avoid discussing prices if you intend to post your video on the product page.

A storyboard helps you visualize your video shot by shot. It’s good to have in mind how your final video should look like. You can create a simple storyboard. At this stage, ensure to figure out the length of your product video.

You can keep it under 1-2 minutes if it’s a demo video. However, if you want to create a brand awareness video, it can go up to 5minutes. You can use an online video editor to keep short your long video, preventing your viewers from skipping your video.

Get All You Need for the Project Ready

You’re almost ready to get going with your product videos. Check and confirm you have the right tools like a camera, tripod, and microphone. Don’t forget to ready those who will participate in the project. Not only confirm your participants, but you should also ensure they know their parts to play in your video.

Another vital tool is you need to choose a professional editing tool. You can visit here and understand the unique features this video editing tool offers, which you can help perfect your video. For smooth product video making, ensure to list everything you require in advance.

Shoot and Edit to Tell a Story

Get rolling now! Capture the best features about your brand. Then, organize them in order that helps you bring your video to life. Shoot only what you will need in your project. When shooting, pay attention to lighting since it can build or break your product videos.

However, don’t pay too much attention to makes you make during filming. When editing your footage, you can correct all mistakes you have made, like color correction and stabilizing shaky footage. All you need is good editing software. Click this video editor tool and learn unique features you can apply to polish your product videos.

When editing your footage, put clips together and ensure your video tells a story. Your video should have a start and end. Every viewer loves stories, and your video tells a story. It will attract your audience to watch from beginning to end.

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Keep Your Video Short Ensure It Solves a Problem

Your product video needs to be relatively short, irrespective of the style. You can go with anything in less than a minute. But don’t stick so much to length. The most vital thing in your video should be quality content. You should produce content that well reflects your brand. With that, you will have a huge audience engaging with your content.

While your video should be short, you should demonstrate how it solves viewers’ issues. If it’s an explainer video, you can use the storytelling technique and explain how your video solves the pain point by consuming a specific product.

On the other hand, a teaser video helps trigger emotional responses from your viewers and makes them feel they need what you offer.

After editing your video, you can go on and promote it. Ensure to post on your website. You should also attach your videos to emails you send to customers. Social media platforms are also essential channels to post your videos to reach many users for your brand.


Product videos are effective in convincing your buyers to consider your brand. If you have an online business, you can earn the trust of your customers by posting brand videos.

When your customers see what you offer, they believe in your products and services. You can begin with the steps above to create engaging videos for your online business.

Ensure to make your products videos more human which helps to speak to your buyers and contributes to brand loyalty. Your video should also capture the personality of your brand. And lastly, edit your videos to tell a story.

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